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Turlach Ur's Grade 4 band won each of the four events it entered in 2018, completing a two-year undefeated streak since its 2017 promotion to Grade 4. This year's wins were enough to secure the MWPBA's Champion Supreme title for most aggregate points across the season, which the band also won following its 2015 Grade 5 campaign.

The MWPBA announced Turlach Ur's promotion to Grade 3 at its November 3 annual meeting. Absent further regrades before the 2019 season begins, the band will be one of only five Grade 3 bands in the 14-state region governed by the MWPBA.

Our soloists had successful seasons as well. Andy Christie was runner-up in the season aggregate standings in both Grade 3 light music and Grade 3 piobaireachd, and has been upgraded to Grade 2 in light music. Matthew Turley wrapped up his season tied for third in the aggregate standings. Grade 5 lead tip Nathan VanderLeest was the 2018 MWPBA Champion Supreme in Grade 4 snare and has been upgraded to Grade 3.