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It's been a long, busy winter for Turlach Ur, all about preparing for a big 2019 competition and performance schedule. The band gave some of the new competition music a test run at the Cellar Peanut Pub's big St. Patrick's Day celebration. 

On Saturday June 1, Turlach Ur will play its new sets in earnest at its first competition as a Grade 3 band when we take the field at the Milwaukee Highland Games. A bigger and better TU Grade 5 band will be there too, setting out on its first full season! Many of our players are entered in the solo competitions too. Come up for the day and cheer!

Next up after Milwaukee will be the big Midwest Championships in Chicago on June 15. Turlach Ur won the Grade 4 contest there last year (see video), and we hope to hold our own in the much tougher Grade 3 category. We'll face bands from Chicago, Denver, Cleveland, and the Twin Cities. Our Grade 5 band will compete in a field of 11 bands, also mostly big city organizations. All together, 35 bands will take part, making this the largest pipe band competition in the country.

Turlach Ur's competition season will conclude with the Minnesota Highland Games on Saturday July 20 in Egan, Minnesota. Plenty of time to plan ahead for this one. so we'll see you there!

Closer to home, don't miss Turlach Ur at its Thursday Music in the Park concert right here in Grinnell on July 11. Spend the evening relaxing in Central Park listening to one of the top pipe bands in the Midwest. We'll play you our competition sets and lots more, including fun music you might not expect from a bagpipe band!